Being a Jew

Have you ever wondered how does it feel to be somebody else for one day only? To live in a different culture of different traditions? Such possibility is now given to you by a Lithuanian organization Vilko valia. We are one of the project’s partners.

Last year a few thousands of people participated in ‘Ponar Lullaby’ project organized in Lithuania. It had been so succesful that its organisers decided to let it continue, as well as to invite to it the representatives of institutions and organizations from other European countries. From November 2014 to April 2015, citizens of Vilnius and Kaunas in Lithuania, Katowice and Gdańk in Poland, Alba Iulia in Romania and Košice in Slovakia, have chance to discover the Jewish culture and tradition by taking part in a day-long event. It’s an opportunity to visit a synagogue, learn a song in the Yiddish language, listen to jewish music, have a taste of kosher food and honour victims of the Holocaust in the end of the day.

The goal of the project is to spread knowledge about the Jewish traditions and thus fight anti-Semitism which is still alive throughout Europe. The planned activies are to show participants the life in a Jewish community in a few selected cities yet before the Second World War, in the same time encouraging to ponder upon the causes and results of the Holocaust. Memory, reflection, understanding and discussion are vital for building an open -minded and tolerant attitude of appreciation for cultural diversity of contemporary Europe.

Invitation (in Slovak language only)

The project is co-financed by the European Commission with the framework of Europe for Citizens programme.


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